Weekly Schedule

Happy Monday, Rockers!

Here is our new schedule. Note that Fun Spanish is starting now at 6pm, and we welcome children up to 10 years old in it!

Saturday, October 24th, at 3pm We Rock ~ Laguna Hills will host a Happy Healthy Kids Seminar. This free presentation will cover the following topics:

* How many fruits and vegetables adults and kids eat a day
* The fruits and vegetables we have access to and its quality
* What the required amount is that a Dr. Recommends.
* The different ways to get that into our children.
* The negative effects of sugars and hydrogenated oils
* What the product does and all its amazing benefits
* All the research done on the product and what its proven to do
You will enjoy fresh made smoothies, learn about garden towers, and enter a raffle!

Also on Saturday, we have a Spooky Kids Night Out from 6pm to 9pm!
Bring your children for a fun, Halloween themed night and enjoy your evening 🙂