Lana Kharitonov

Hi! We are Eugene and Lana Kharitonov. We both moved to the United States with our families a long time ago; Eugene moved to the States in in 1996 and I moved here in 2004. We met in Los Angeles in 2004. We are a fun, energetic, and adventurous family and also love to spend time with our friends. We always look forward to the future with optimism, and believe that everything happens for a reason.

Ten years ago, we moved to Orange County. We immediately fell in love with the area and realized that it would be the best place to raise our kids. After we had our daughter Elaine and son Daniel, our lives changed forever. They are both so much fun and make each and every day full of color! We love to have quality family time together, enjoy traveling, and we’re always looking for great places to visit. After becoming parents, we had a chance to realize that Orange County has a great potential for improvement. For example, we noticed that the area lacked indoor playgrounds that could be fun and entertaining for kids, yet relaxing and enjoyable for parents at the same time. We learned about We Rock the Spectrum Kid’s Gym through our close friends, who recently became owners of the Simi Valley location. They were very excited and told us so much about it that we decided to meet Dina Kimmel, CEO and Founder of We Rock the Spectrum, and learn more.

Meeting Dina was like talking to a mom of a newborn, who is so in love with her baby and proud of each milestone and achievement. We were deeply touched by her story that led to the opening of the first WRTS gym. The idea of a gym that is fun for typical kids and has a healing power for spectrum kids moved us deeply and touched both our hearts and minds. Finally, we decided that it’s time to give back to the wonderful community of Orange County and make it an even better place to live. We really want our children to have happy memories about their childhood. Now, we’d also love to be a part of your kids’ careless andfun childhood. It’s time We Rock the OC!