Holidays with WRTS-Laguna Hills

Dear Parents!We are headed directly into magical days filled with Hanukkah, Christmas and New Year’s wonders and celebrations! We’d like to take a moment to say Thank You for all your support in our first year of opening!
We wish you an amazing holiday season, and hope to still see you all at our gym in these last few weeks of 2015! We are very grateful for meeting you and making a difference in your lives by opening the doors to our gym.2015 has been a wonderful, full of excitement year for our family filled with challenges and moments of self reflection. One thought that we’d like to take away this year is importance of Family! As you all know, we have two fast growing, loving and silly kids who love to spend time with their parents.
We’d like to take a moment during this Holiday season and show our kids that family is most important for us.
To do this we’ve decided to have special hours on some days in December, so we can strengthen our bond, connections, spend quality time together, and renew relationships.

Here’s what we are thinking for our Family time together:

* have pajama day with late breakfast and hot cocoa with marshmallows,

* enjoy a holiday movies marathon,

* meet friends and family, we haven’t seen for the seven months we’ve been open,

* set up the fishtank our daughter was dreaming about for half a year,

* go see “A Snow White Christmas” at the Laguna Playhouse,

* kiss & hug our munchkins after we get into pillow fights

* recharge and start a new year with fresh ideas!

Our list feels endless, but we hope to do all that we’ve planned!
Do you have any special plans for this holiday season?

Always yours,
Lana & Eugene.