We bet that as a child you always anticipated your birthday and couldn’t wait for THE day!! Now, as you have children, a birthday celebration got absolutely new meaning. There is soo much to do, to plan, to organize! Then the day comes, and you can’t wait for it to be over to relax. Does the celebration have to be that exhausting?
We say – No!
If you celebrate with We Rock The Spectrum Kid’s Gym ~ Laguna Hills!

Here are some reasons why you’ll love a party with us:

1. We smile from the bottom of our hearts!

2. We are a family owned place, so we know what parents and children want from a birthday party 🙂

3. Our gym is cleaned with green products a few times a day.

4. We unload your car and set up the party room in a timely manner so you don’t feel rushed.

5. We are a place for ALL kids.

6. Kids from 1 to 13, and very often 20+ have a blast at We Rock 🙂

7. Kids love a safe, nurturing, and fun environment of We Rock that fosters learning, exploration and safe sensory experiences.

8. You get to choose the length of your party since we don’t have a 2 hours limit.

9. You can have a private party, so no strangers will crash your celebration.

10. We ALSO play with your children and keep their safety at our priority.

11. We are great at taking pictures! Just hand us your camera, and you’ll have the entire family on a picture!

12. We let you bring any food and don’t charge anything for it like other places do.

13. We take care of everything, and you get to have fun and have some meaningful conversations instead of running around and arranging everything.

14. We have a separate party room where the food can be served.

15. Parents love the size of our gym because they see children all the time.

16. We have fun art projects for any age.

17. Our parking lot is empty on weekends.

18. We work with any budget and will find the best option for your family.

19. You get to enjoy your friends and family and have a great memories about your celebration.

20. You’ll have a ROCKING party!!!!!